Friday, June 11, 2010

Interesting evening

Over all I have been feeling really good this week. I think talking the iron pills are helping a lot, or I am subconsciously thinking that.  Either way I am way more alert.  

Lat night I got home from work, put some rice in the rice cooker, washed some asparagus, brought up some salmon fillets. I put the asparagus and fillet in the oven and cleaned up the kitchen. After I finished with the kitchen I started straightening the little messes around the house. 

Then I get this phone call from Darren, he asked if I would help him with a locate he needs to double check. He needed a second pair of hands... I hesitated for a moment. But he assured me that there wouldn't be a lot of walking or heavy lifting on my part. So I went with him.

I turned off the oven, we will eat when we get back. I blew out the candles and grabbed my novel (just in case).

He came into the house, asked if I had rubber boots. I said I would love a pair but haven't bought any yet. I put on my hiking work boots. Man, they were tough to lace up with a belly. I quickly grabbed a snack pack of chips before we left, it was a good thing too since we didn't get back till 8:30-9:00pm.

When we got out there I basically stood holding a box between my legs, while Darren located the pipe. There was a mighty cold north wind blowing! I should have brought a sweater to out on under my rain coat. Next we did a sweep, we walked parallel to each other for about 5-10 minutes, I think it was to check if there was a mystery pipe under ground.

After that my work was done. I was able to sit in the truck out of the wind for the rest of the time. Good thing I brought my book. Darren finished up what he needed to do and we headed home. I couldn't believe how hungry and tired I was. It was like we couldn't get home fast enough and every bump was terribly uncomfortable.

We ate when we got back and I felt much better. I had a quick bath to warm my body up. I had Darren bring down the laundry since he was requesting a certain wash that needed to be done. I was able to get to loads done.

We were able to get the spare room downstairs rebedded. We took out the single mattress and frame and replaced it with the double futon. For some reason the room looks bigger.... which is a little confusing... We finally fell into bed around 11:30pm (the latest I have gone to bed in a LONG time) I slept like a baby,  no tossing or turning and I only got up once at 4am. Not bad.

I am thinking we should put the downstairs TV into the spare room and Darren can use that as a gaming (PS3) room when we don't have company. Then he can sit on the futon couch and not on the floor straining his back.

Jolene, Payton, Khloe (maybe Dad, he wasn't sure last time I talked to him) are coming down to stay the night tonight. Tomorrow morning is the last pancake breakfast of the week and the rodeo parade. Payton being two is going to love the parade, especially the animals! It's a bonus that we live on the parade route, so if it rains we can watch from the window.

It's suppose to be nice out so we are hoping to get a bunch of outside work done. we have a dresser to sand/paint, a lawn to mow, branches to clean up. a flowerbed to plant/add dirt, recylcing to take down and a bunch of garbage to get rid of.  

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