Monday, June 7, 2010

This is a bit long and detailed ;)

Had a pretty interesting weekend. I was emotionally distressed on Saturday. I slept in till 8:30am! I read for a little bit in bed before actually getting out of bed. I don't know when Darren was up but it was way before 8:30am. I made myself ready for getting some of the list done. First thing I did though, was have some breakfast, peanut butter toast and some fruit.
Then for some reason I lost all motivation to do anything. I ended up cleaning up the kitchen, then paced around the house. I felt like I was a little puppy following Darren around. My first breakdown was when he was in the shower. I stood in the doorway to the spare room and burst out crying (no particular reason).  Darren found me laying on the rug in the room weeping. He was really good about comforting me, well as good as he could without knowing the reason for my out burst. I felt better after a few moments.

Darren told me exactly what I needed to hear, I was beautiful, pregnancy becomes me, that I am very special to him and he loves me very much. It wasn't just his words that got me but how he said them.

 I put a load of laundry in the washer and laid on the foot of the bed. I wasn't intending on sleeping but ended up having an hour nap. I woke up to thunder and lighting. I sat on the couch wathcing the storm. I  just love thise type of storms! Darren watched with me for a bit but then decided to work on sorting our huge recylcing pile. I followed him to the room wanting to help (and to be in the same room as him) He said that he has this under control. Well,  here brought up the second busrt of tears. I told him that I just wanted his company, he was understanding but I knew that I needed to find something else to do. I had a snack,  pineapple & zuchinni loaf and watched a little bit of TV.

I ended up after having my second nap of the afternoon. In that time Darren went out side and was able to mow the front lawn. He came in to find me sleeping and laid down with me for a bit. I felt better when I woke up.

We went over to Byron & Andrea's for supper. (Jo, Jason & the girls came down to spend the night too) It was nice to get out of the house. Nothing like niece's to brighten your mood. Oh, and I can't forget the BLUE WHALE cake Andrea made for Darren's birthday. It was pretty cool. The icing tasted like sour raspberry Koolaid! Every single one of our lips, tongues, teeth were blue!

I didn't have a great sleep that night. I was up every hour. The birds started chirping even earlier.  We stayed in bed till 9:30am and thought it was time to get up and start getting ready for church.I made poached eggs on an english muffin for our breakfast. We walked to church. After church we went out for brunch with Mom&Dad, Byron & Andrea. It was a pretty good meal, good price too. 

We celebrated Great Grandma's 94th birthday in the afternoon  at the Manor. There was a lot of family and visiting. It was a long afternoon. I wanted a nap soo bad. Darren and I decided to walk home around 4pm. I think it was a 20-25 minute walk. It felt great to get some fresh air and excercise.

Cam & Dianna stopped by around supper time to thank us for the donation to their MS walk and to let us know how it went. (Dianna sprained her ankle a coupleof weeks ago).

While we ate supper we watched a couple of episodes of "Freaks & Geeks"  It has been a pretty good show but only made it through one season. 

Today, back to work. I don't feel rested but I am getting things done. Supper tonight is whole wheat egg noodles with a  hamburger/mushroom soup sauce with corn.  

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