Friday, June 4, 2010

Better today

I am in a little better mood today. I think the yummy pineapple helps. Last night we set up the crib, very easy to assemble, thank goodness otherwise I think Darren would have gone CRAZY! I washed some seat covers and such. The room is starting to take form slowly. The only furniture in there is a crib but what else do you need. 

I was taking to mom today about the list of stuff I am making that we might need for the baby. We have decided to try cloth diapers, it is overwhelming to research which brand is best. I think I might have to make a registry for anyone that is wanting to buy us something, especially for both Great Grandma's. I still think that there are a lot of things (big ticket expensive things) that you don't need but it's the little things that I forget about. 

I am ready for the weekend, we plan on getting quite a bit done. (crossing our fingers that it is goiing to be half decently nice weather out).

I'm a little disappointed, a bunch of friends are going to start a inner tube water polo team and I can't play this year. I think Darren is going to, will see what he thinks, I just found out it is at 11pm-12am on Saturday nights. Seems awfully late to me. 


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