Thursday, June 3, 2010

hmmm the week started okay

I just feel so out of sorts today. I'm worried that I might break down and start bawling over spilled milk. It all started with having nightmares last night, nothing like killer ants that distroy everything they touch chasing you adn your family, bleach didn't even work to stop them! Reluctantly, I  got out of bed when the alarm went off.  When I was putting my breakfast/snack fruit togther I dropped the container of blueberries all over the floor. I was able to save half of them. They are a pain to pick up, especially when leaning down is startign to become an issue.  I made it out of the door and to wokr on time. Oh, the finger pointing that some clients do, no matter how much you are nice and tell them that you are fixing the concern they just want to tear you up (I wish they could see that I am pregnant over the phone and maybe tthey would be a little nicer). My brain has stopped focusing since then, I feel as though I need to lay down and have a nice sleep. The baby has started to jab me in the ribs really hard, must sense my anxiety, so sitting is starting to become a pain. To top things off it is only 11am. I just want everyone to leave me alone.

Tonight for supper we are going to have what we were suppose to have yesterday, since we decided to go out with a bunch of friends we haven't seen for awhile. It was a fun time and it was nice to reconnect. I just don't think the "Healthy Fries" (poutine) and steak sandwich settled in my stomach very nicely.

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