Friday, August 27, 2010


Venting for the day (most days aren't like this)

I find it frustrating that I am taking care of a baby 24/7 and when I ask someone to watch her for a bit while I have some me time, that is asking too much. Yet, if I were making supper or doing some cleaning, it doesn't seem to be a problem.  Is it too much to ask for an hour by myself with not worrying about the baby. Nights like this make me want to go back to work and tell my husband to take the year off.  The excuse of I don't know what to do with her, doesn't cut it. AS IF I KNOW, I'm learning too.  Oh, and babies have wet diapers, not just dirty ones, and they go through a lot. Stop complaining how many time you need to change her diaper. Try doing it all day and most of the night. Maybe I will have to leave for a day.

I talk about stopping breastfeeding or at least incorporating formula part time and I get scolded. It's not his breast that needs to be there every 3 hours for a feeding. (On the most part I don't mind, except when I need a break or get extremely tired) Pumping helps a little and I would pump more if I knew he would feed her with it. (right now I use it for when we have company or if I leave her with someone for a bit while I run some errands, like when I went to Superstore).

I don't talk to hear myself speak. I have have one way conversations all day, I prefer not to have them with someone that can talk back or at least listen when I am speaking. I'm sorry my days are boring.

The last thing is I don't ask much when it comes to household chores BUT the garbage needs to be taken out. Please put a bag back in the garbage can and don't forget to empty ALL garbage's, especially the diaper one. Instead let's leave that one in the middle of the kitchen smelling up the joint and not empty it so it can be put back into the nursery.

I understand that you are tense and feeling like you need some fun but don't you think I need that too?

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  1. Thinking of you...know I'm always here to talk or write to. :)