Friday, September 10, 2010


So last Saturday night Darren started to peel the silicon off the tub. (It was in horrible shape and had holes in it).  On Sunday he started to clean and remove all of it. That being said, he was getting pretty frustrated and was contemplating redoing the whole tub surround. We did decide for the moment to do the quick fix.

Monday we went to Medicine Hat for an anniversary dinner.(Borrowed Mom's shower)Mom and Dad babysat Maria. It felt wonderful to go out just the two of us. The only problem we had was the two restaurants that we wanted to go to were closed.  Apparently Thai and Japanese owners take off Mondays. We ended up at Tony Roma's, food was okay and over priced.  Our drinks weren't great, I ordered a raspberry romartini (the picture showed it on ice but it came as a slush. Darren ordered a  black russian and they forgot the black part.  We did have a good time though.

Tuesday after work he finished cleaning the tub. He let it dry over night. I headed to Medicine Hat on Wednesday for my weekly trip, took advantage of Mom's shower again. Darren got up early and borrowed Byron's shower.  When he got home he started to silicon the tub. I stay away when he is doing stuff like this, the remarks coming out of the bathroom weren't pleasant. He ran out of silicon.

I picked some up last night when I went grocery shopping and he finished the job. We are now waiting for it to dry before indulging in a shower. (He also needs to clean up the HUGE mess in the bathroom)

I guess you can say we have be conserving water in our house ;).

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