Friday, September 24, 2010

I didn't realize I hadn't said anything since last Wednesday! It's been busy week. Thursday both Maria and i had Doctors appointments. Mom came to babysit so I could go to mine. While I was there Mom recieved a last minute invite for a get together at Cookie Grandma's (my great grandma). So we headed over to her place to visit with a bunch of family and had pizza. I made sure to get a 5 generation picture. This one has the first born girls in each family.  Cookie Grandma, Grandma Alice, Mom, Me and Maria. I have to get my brother to send over a copy of the picture.

On Friday, Darren found out he has the weekend off. So we headed up to Calgary for some much needed shopping and visiting. We stopped at Grandpa Stauffer's for about an hour and then headed to Chinook mall where we met up with Jen. Darren was able to pick up some new duds. Maria was wide awake the whole time wanting to be carried. It was funny how people move over for strollers (except for the teenage girls).

That evening we went over to Leanne & Reno's for supper and to spend the night. The kids were excited to see us (well to see Maria). It was so hard for them to stay there distance though (they both had a cold).  We ended up going to Auntie Lorna's for a short visit after the kids went to bed.

Sunday we attended Harvest Hills Alliance and visited with Uncle Harold & Auntie Grace. In the afternoon we went to visit Ryan, Eric, Nat & Maggie. Maria met her first puppy and Maggie adored her (after she figured out what that small thing was)

We had a couple of relaxing days at home. Wednesday we made our weekly trip to the Hat. In the  evening Darren & I dropped Maria off with Byron and we went to a course called Bringing up Girls. It's going to be pretty interesting.

Yesterday Maria and I relaxed. Darren came home and we decided to go for a drive. There is a 2 acre lot that might be for sale (Darren's co-worker). The yard is pretty big, the house looks okay from the outside, maybe new siding is needed, but has a wrap-a-round deck. I would like to see what the inside looks like. We continued on the roads and ended up just driving for a couple of hours. It was nice to talk and see the country side. It's been awhile since I have been out in those areas.

Tonight I am making French Onion soup (baked with cheese) Yum Yum!

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