Wednesday, September 15, 2010

There hasn't been a lot going on in the last week. Jolene and the girls came to visit on Monday. Maria had her 2 month shots tonight. Mom is coming tomorrow to babysit while I go to the doctor.

I made yummy pork buns and corn on the cob tonight. Such a favorite meal. I'm not to sure how healthy they are though with the white bread dough....

My aunt is throwing a (three way) baby shower on October 3, if anyone wants to come let me know and I will send the information.

It was pretty neat. I have finally seen the first and last episodes of Gilmore girls. Such a good show.

Tomorrow while Mom is here or maybe I'll wait till Friday, I need to go tot the office and do a 10 minute course online to continue my license. At least I only need to do one. After that I need to start to focus on studying for my level 2 exam. I need to write that and pass before April.

On Wednesday nights we are going to go to a study at the church based on a book called Raising Girls. It sounds really interesting, I had a  look at the book on Sunday.

I think it might me beef stew tomorrow....I'll let you know.

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