Thursday, September 30, 2010

Where did September go!

Talk about waiting till the last moment. I can't believe September is over. I had to go renew my license plate today. I kept forgetting, thinking I had more time!

On the drive to the Hat yesterday morning there was a low lying fog covering the fields. It looked magical. In spots there were silhouettes of horses or cows. This time of year is WONDERFUL! 

We are going to Medicine Hat on Saturday to see about getting blinds, go to value village(for baby clothes) and celebrate Jason's birthday.  On Sunday my Aunt and cousins are putting on a baby shower at the church for Khloe, Rylan and Maria. 3 in 1 It should be pretty fun.

I'm slowly getting cards made. It's hard when you have a little one that wants to sit on your lap. She does have times where she'll play on her mat but gets bored easily.

Yesterday I made a deconstructed sushi salad. It was pretty good. It had all the same ingredients as a California roll. I got it out of the Simply Food cookbook. Tonight we are going to have Vietnamese subs. Tomorrow I am going to make Butter chicken (my lighter version)


  1. Jenny! I decided to try to blog again. Not sure how long it will last, but I'll try.

    Just thought you could check it out sometimes! Can't promise it will be interesting. ;)

  2. I'm assuming based on my name you can figure out who it is. :)