Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Well it's been awhile.... some days I think "I should go down and write on my blog" but then I get side tracked with other more pressing stuff (ie Maria).

Things are good. I am busily studying once again for that dreaded multiple choice exam. I picked up 5 practice exams and they have been wonderful! Hopefully by December I will be working again. That being said I met with a potential babysitter today. (Darren use to work with her husband) She was really nice and has two children of her own. I'm alright with her watching Maria. The only thing is they have a dog and two cats. Maria was frightened of the dog at first  (she was like that with my in-laws dog too but got over it) and then after meeting the dog she met the cats. After a little bit the one cat hung around and she was used to seeing him and wasn't as scared. I think she will get used to the animals and maybe it will be good for her.

My thoughts, probably like any mom who is going back to work, are full of anxiety. Is it going to work okay, I'm going to miss being with her..... I've never felt this confused. I know we need the money and are pinching pretty good. We also need to be able to save up for a bigger car before a second child comes along......I want to sit and cry thinking about leaving her with someone else..... I've left for 3 days with Mom and Dad and never felt like this..... Am I ready for this!!!!

We took over the grade 4-6 youth nights. Its every other Friday and we had 18 kids the first night. next Friday will be night two and we are expecting that many more. We are glad we took it on and to be able to give that strength to the community feels great. I do the background organizing and Darren does the teaching. We work well together ;)

 I've also been trying to eat better again. It's hard when you are home. It is so easy to grab a snack here and there without even thinking about it. I've been really good this week and we have a turtle pie in the fridge. I haven't been having a snack after supper, which has been a bad habit. I also have been drinking more water, not as much as I should yet but it's coming.

It's been tough since Darren's mom passed away. It still feels like something is missing. There are days I want to call or email her opinion on something and realize I can't. I was blessed to learn what I did from her and be able to have a wonderful relationship. She was and inspiring women and I hope to be a fraction of who she was.

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