Monday, June 11, 2012

June 2012

Where to start.... I have feeling really low. My patience are so low that I feel like everything is setting me into a bad mood. I've been trying to keep my temper under control but it does slip a little.

We just finished our wannabes wrap up sleepover. We gad 11 kids show up. Pretty good. It was a good time and the kids had fun but it was exhausting. I don't feel like continuing next year. I would rather spend that time with ny own kid.

Baseball has been good this year, I think I should invest in some cleats. Maybe that would make me run faster ;).

Takenaka family vacation is quickly approaching. We better decide what days to take off soon. I think we may take a detour trip out there or on the wAy back. See some different scenery. Maybe make a few more stops. We will see how we are feeling I guess.

Thats all for now ;)

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