Monday, June 18, 2012

July 14, 2012

We had a good trip to BC. We ended up going the south route. It was a very beautiful drive with a lot of wildlife on the road.

We stopped in Cranbrook for the first night. I don't recommend the Econolodge. If we paid $20 less per night it would have been okay. Pair thin walls and floor/ceilings. Not updated at all.

We stopped for lunch in Castlegard, i can't remember the diners name but the food and atmosphere was good.

We visited Davidson farm, hiked around Knox mountain and enjoyed swimming in Leanne&Reno's pool.

This week we celebrated Maria's 2nd birthday. Time flies!

I sometimes think about how different our life is now. It was so easy to go and do something at the last moment or stay out late. Now I feel I want to come hone afterwork and go to bed early... pretty boring.

Darren & I are in the Brooks dragon boat races. Its been pretty fun. I expected the arms to hurt but not the butt. Those benches dig in more than you want to admit.

Im soo tired, so going to go to sleep. Until next time

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