Thursday, June 6, 2013

June 6, 2013

I was reading over some old blogs, mainly looking for information about Dr. Appointments when I was pregnant with Maria, I couldn't believe how often I wrote! I thinking I should get back into the habit. It's nice to ave a place to get things off your chest that you would normally keep in check. 

So I'm almost 24 weeks pregnant with number two. So, far so good. I'm feeling tired and I think a little more impatient with things. I'm starting to show much more in the last three weeks and feeling the babe kick/push. 

I've been going to prenatal yoga, which I am loving by the way. It's interesting to see other women either no as far along or more far along and see how different everyone carries. I think I the one showing the least and there is a one that is around 13 weeks that us showing more than me. With Maria I was like the too. 

We aren't finding out what the sex is. How often. Do you get a surprise in life, especially with the technology of today? 

I've  been finding it a little frustrating having Maria's babysitter pregnant and she LOVES to talk about everything to do with pregnancy. I like to keep to myself. Maybe talk about it the odd time. I don't like to make a big deal over things. Leah is due mid July. 

Andrea is due any day!! She's had a tough time this time around. I think it's a girl! But we will wait and see! I'm in the process of planning a baby shower for her and the babe. 

Found out a couple of weeks ago my co-worker is expecting too (not planned)Due in Jan. I'm trying to stay positive about this but drama follows her and I just don't want to hear about the drama that could come!  Uncle Greg had to laugh, he was very happy that I'm not a very dramatic person and no really demanding, having a few women in the office that are is enough. 

Look how cute they are. The top one is Darren in the hospital & the bottom one is Maria a month or so old. You can tell they are related ;) 

Ultra sound around 12 weeks 

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