Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

Bitterness is overwhelming me. I'm trying to be positive and sympathetic. I'm hoping things get back to normal soon. 

We had a fantastic weekend. Darren and I spent most of Saturday just the two of us. Marlyssa hung out with Maria for the afternoon and my parents took her for the evening. It was the first time in a month we were able tore ally talk and relax. Darren has been working long hours and most weekends. The paycheque is good but it can be a slight strain on us. 

We had a yummy lunch at Diner Deluxe, then he was able to use most of his gift card at MEC. In the evening we scooted over to Eric & Nat's for a going away bash.  We met some pretty cool people on top of having a great time with existing friends.

Tonight is a first with Maria. She fell off the slide at Leah today. She was complaining about her arm and head. The side of her head was pretty banged up. We took her to emergency to make sure she is okay. Darren and Maria are in the X-ray room as we speak. I think everything will be okay but I will sleep better knowing. 

She has strength of a bear! 

So she has a fractured clavicle bone on her left side. Poor thing.  Doctor wasn't too worried about the healing process. 

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