Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Aug 22, 2013

What's it going to be like once we have 2..... I have a tough time right now finding a babysitter for Maria the odd Wednesday night, even with all the family around.  Maybe if I needed someone every week, then it would be easier.... A set schedule. 

I haven't been able to go to yoga the past two weeks, first we were on vacation, then last week didnt get enough notice from Darren to find anyone. Looks like tonight will be a no show too, as he told me this afternoon.... 

I'm starting to feel more tired and stressed. Not over anything picticular, just in general.  I'm ready to be done work and focus on home stuff. But the due date isn't for another month.... We will just have wait. 

The onus of the week is I found the screws for the crib! So that's up and ready. As well Jen is lending us her infant car seat and nursing pillow, so I don't have to buy one. If its a boy we get some hand me downs and if its a girl I have enough clothes for 2years. 

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