Thursday, July 31, 2008


Feeling so run down today. Maybe it has to do with all this excitement of wedding, house, growing up....

My brother got engaged to Andrea this week! They went to Toronto and then are heading to New York. What a perfect time to ask :) I am also jealous, someday I will see New York!!

Well I've got a meeting with the bank tomorrow. As long as I have everything ready to go we should be fine. We had another look at the house yesterday and I wanted it more! I guess that's a good sign! Now it's the packing that we need to do again. Time to cleanse out all the junk and either through it, or put it in the garage sale pile. (hopefully we will have a garage sale soon)

My hair, oh my hair..... I have to do it myself for the wedding which is okay. But how will I do it. I think today I have it looking pretty good. A little column with the straight iron and a couple of bobbie pins to pull a section of my bangs back. I think it looks cute... It's hard to explain and I can't find any pictures that would show what I was thinking. Darren is adamant that I don't curl it in any way!! I'm fine with that except he doesn't understand that I will need to have some sort of volume in it otherwise it will lay very flat and the picture will not look as flattering.

My sister is coming for lunch today. I might bring her by Angela's and show her my dress, so she has an idea of what to look for in her dress.

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