Thursday, July 31, 2008

Video Games

I love to play a good video game in moderation. But I don't understand the hours and hours of playing, not the first time through but the second time through the game. It's frustrating to come home and make dinner and watch a couple of TV shows and then he takes over and plays for hours. It's like conversation isn't going happen, I start pacing around the house looking for things to do but don't want to do any chores if he is having fun. I get antsy. I understand that he is allowed to unwind from his long tiring day at work, but come on! Sometimes he wants to have a conversation while he's playing yet I know he is only half listening. Some conversations we need to have about important things I need his undivided attention but it's like pulling teeth to get his attention. We have talked about this issue and he is trying to get into a routine so that the house chore get done, his relaxing time and time to talk to me with his full attention. Getting better but still a long ways to go. He doesn't want me to do all the cooking and cleaning bt if I leave them until he gets around to them, well then they are there for days and I can't handle the clutter!!! AHHH

Well, that felt better. Writing things down does help alot yet probably sounds more of a problem than it really is. I need to have a little patients. :)

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