Friday, August 15, 2008


It's been a busy week and I haven't been able to get some time to write down my thoughts. But I need to today!

It is the last day for our house conditions. It's nerve racking. We couldn't qualify by ourselves because Darren's isn't guarenteed hours, since he is still an assistant, when he gets his own truck which will probably be in the next couple of months there would be nooo problem. The broker(she is FANTASTIC!!) tried with only me on the mortgage and it is soooo close, dang car payments! we're waiting to see if the person that we asked if they could co-sign for a year could. Holding my breath. I'm in the frame of mind we aren't gettign the house and that is how things are suppose to be any other news would be a fantastic surprise.

I'm heading out to the anual family renuion this weekend. Poor Darren will have to miss it because he had to work this weekend. :(


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  1. Hopefully you hear soon!!! I can't wait to be doing the same thing though! :)