Tuesday, August 19, 2008



Hopefully this is the last dress fitting. My nerves are shot and I am having second thought about the dress. I have to remember that my shoes are awesome!

We are approved financially for the house so the next step is the inspection and crossing my fingers that goes okay. By Thursday we will know if the house is ours or not!

Darren and I are sitting down tonight to get everything on a list of what needs to be done about the wedding. I'm getting anxious.

This last weekend was the family reunion and the food was no help what so ever for my high cholesterol. Though I did try to make the healthy choices. I need to stay focussed and make sure that what I am putting into my body isn't going to harm it. I also need get out and go for some more walks in the evening. I am hoping since I saved so much on the dress I can use that money towards an elliptical machine for my basement.

I can't wait for my week off. Relaxation, hiking and no worries!

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