Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Today is the second dress fitting, we'll see how that goes. ( I'm sure it'll be fine) I'm hoping the slip I purchased works under the dress.

Still no word form the broker...if I don't hear from her this afternoon, I'm going to give her a call. The waiting is killing me!!

We have the cater, have to figure out how to get the money to them since they don't take credit card but hopefully there okay with a cheque in the mail.

Darren apologized profusely for the night before. He just acted out his stress and worries.

It's beena busy week so far at work. I needed a break so this is what i decided to do , write on my blog!

Byron and Andreas wedding is Aug 29, 2009. He wanted it sooner but she wants to be able to plan it and not rush things.

Payton's baptism is Sept 21/08 and I was asked to be a god-mother, which is such an honor... now what to wear!

As promised I have the shoe pictures!!! I am so excited about them, the only thing that is hard getting used to is the heel, it's fairly tall. But wearing them today and doing fine...... for now.

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