Monday, August 11, 2008


Well here is the wedding update:

20 Days till the big day!!

Waiting for the cater to email me back so I can pay and have it confirmed. Needing to call the rental place and get a time they are coming and add more chairs so we have more than 6 extra chairs (as per Darren's request). The flowers are a go and just have to confirm pick up. Dress fittings this week on Tuesday and Thursday (I finally bought some shoes, hope they look okay with the dress.... green Mary Jane style heel!! (I'll get a pic of them later)

House is on hold. We are waiting for the mortgage broker to call back. I faxed the rest of the information this morning. SO hopefully we hear soon. If not, I guess it isn't meant to be.

We went to Lethbridge yesterday and went to Dark Knight! It was a FANTASTIC movie. Ledger did an awesome job playing the Joker. The story was protrayed wonderfully. I was speechless when it ended. WOW!

I had a rough weekend for eating. It seemedc like everythign that was offered or served wasn't the best choice. ARGGGGHHHH, my fault for not drinking enough water either. I have decided this week is going to be a week of activity!

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