Monday, March 2, 2009

Best weekend ever!!

Darren and I ended up going to Calgary last weekend. It was a jam packed with visiting, concert, and yummy food.

We left after work Friday and picked up Indian takeout when we got into the city to take over to Ryan's. Mmmm Naan bread adn butter chicken are just wonderful! We had a wonderful visit with him and Kristin. It was a late night. (Thanks Ryan for letting us crash at your place!)

Saturday started early. We went to visit Grandpa at 9am. He had been a little sick lately but was looking really good when we were there. We had a wonderful visit. For lunch we took Auntie Lorna out. We let her pick the restraunt and she picked a place called Globefish. Some of our friends had kept telling us we should go and try it but hadn't yet. The food was AWESOME, in taste and presentation. I ate more than my body told me I should have but it was so good! For dessert I had ice cream (green tea) stuffed mochi!

We stopped by to visit Jen. We took her with us to Wholesale sports and her adn I caused a little trouble! I found an Aebleskiver pan!! I have been wanting one forever and now I can finally make some for Darren!! ( for those of you who don't know what they are, they are round mini danish pancakes) That what I'll make if we have guest stay at the house!!

That evening we went to the CPO (thanks Jen for the tickets!!) and saw Holst Planets. There was a guest cello soloist named Sol Gabetta, she was unbelievable! I wish I had that much talent and passion for something! The first act was my favorite, Schafer : Scorpius.

The next day we went to Harvest Hills Alliance church and caught up with some old friends and family. We headed over to Leanne and Reno's for lunch. Such a wonderful meal, shrimp with sauce, bread, asparagus, salad and ice cream for dessert. I always enjoy eating there.

We stopped into Chapters on our way home and I found one book, and Darren found 3 books. (I think that's a first, I usually out buy him). I was able to visit with Tracey for a little bit and it was so nice to catch up. I think that is the major thing I miss from working there, being able to talk to Tracey and get her advice on things.

On the way back home we talked about how the weekend felt really good even though it was no stop.

With all the eating we did I ended up losing this week. A small amount but losing never the less. I have only 8.5 more pounds till my goal of 140. I wouldn't mind getting below that but we'll take it one step at a time :)


  1. A little trouble? You and me? NO! ;)

  2. But if we had done a fashion show with your camo adn my orange ski suit..... then there would be trouble!

  3. Hm...maybe a little...but it would have been worth it! :)