Friday, March 13, 2009

TGIF!! It must be lucky 13th!

Last night I made a spectacular roast beast meal. (it was beef but beast is so much funner to say!) I stuck it in the crock pot in the morning on low. When I went home for lunch I added dry onion soup mix, garlic powder, seasoning salt, pepper, and can of sliced mushrooms. I made gravy out of the drippings (or as Darren would say "Mmmmmm dddrrrippppings") The gravy was thick and flavorful. I served it with rice (normal for Darren growing up) and green beans.

Everything was almost ready then I decided to make some popovers! I usually butcher these but i have finally figured out the secret of a perfect popover! DO NOT OVER MIX!! Good thing I watch the food network sometimes other wise I wouldn't have learned that awesome tip! ;) They were light and fluffy (similar to the picture). I impressed Darren so much!

I am soo happy about the weather out today! I was able to walk to work for the first time in awhile! It's funny when it -30 out I don't dress in layers but when it's -1, I dress in layers. Go figure. The cool thing was I wore my vest today and found $15!! Yeah!

I was reading Jen's Blog this morning and had a chuckle that there is a "Parkade band" in your condo building. The ironic thing is as I am heading out the door to walk back to work at lunch, there are two boys in the yard next door. One is sitting at a drum set that is placed on plywood and the other has his electric guitar plugged into a mini amp. They were jamming on the front lawn. I have never seen anything like that before, I wish I had a camera to take a picture. I guess we know which neighbor the drumming at night comes from ;) I could call them "Lawn band"

So it's only a couple of more days till the dreaded 30. I have come to terms with turning 30 a little more than I was before. There are a lot of people telling me that this decade is the best because you are mature and can still have fun! I can deal with that!! :) I'm trying to think of things that I would like to try, maybe I'll write a list sometime soon and post it.

I took Monday off because between the combination of turning 30 and it being a "Monday", I didn't think it would be a good day to work. Hopefully Darren doesn't have to work a long day that day.....crossing fingers..... I was hoping to get a massage booked but nothing was available when I called earlier this week but the good thing is I have one scheduled for the following week!! Yeah!

We are heading to the Hat on Sunday and Mom is making dinner. She says there is going to be angel food cake with berries! Yummy! It's one of my all time favorites.... I'm hoping there is sticky icing! (egg whites, corn syrup)

My Goals for the weekend:
1) Get in as much activity as I can, to counter the rich foods i will be eating
2) Drink 3L of water a day
3) Make sure I eat my vegetables and fill up on those first not the empty calories.
4) Enjoy the weekend, have fun and visit with my parents, grandparents!
5) Don't expect to much. Then I won't be disappointed
6) Sleep in on Saturday and Monday!
7) Get a dent in the thank you card writing on Saturday.

So I go into the staff room this afternoon to get some hot water for my tea adn Uncle Greg adn Anna got me a birthday cake! It wa a black forest chocolate cake. Yum Yum!

Age is not a particularly interesting subject.
Anyone can get old.
All you have to do is live long enough.

Groucho Marx (1890 - 1977)


  1. I think it's hilarious that we both have a type of band where we live! If I don't talk to you, I hope you have a GREAT birthday:) Any big plans for your birthday?


    Yeah, drinking 3L of water a day is one of the best things you can do. Gives you so much energy!

    ...also makes you have to pee. Alot.