Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Better so far today

I feel a little more myself today. (I did have some ice cream yesterday after Darren and I went for a long walk) We were able to talk about things that are going on and came to some decisions about our mortgage. Yeah!

I think my grandparents were all thinking they needed to check up on me. Monday, Grandpa&ma Skanderup and Dad came and took me for lunch. Yesterday Grandma Skriver stopped by after her hair appointment to visit. It was really nice to see them! I wonder who will show up today!! :)

So I am thinking about doing something drastic! I feel it is time for a change. I am seriously thinking about cutting my hair and not in the safe type of cuts I tend to go for... like last time I added bangs. I am thinking SHORT. Since I am wearing my hair back off my face anyways, why not get a cut that will showoff my wonderful face features. I have included some styles that I am drawn too, that I think would work on my head as well they are more sophisticated.Let me know what you think. I am going to do it anyways but don't know when and I always like some input. Then I won't have to worry about blow drying my hair, it will be an easier wash and go!
Yesterday was a good day for eating well. (the ice cream was a treat and I did pick a smaller option) I had salad and grilled cheese for supper, fish, a toasted pita and apple for lunch and some fruit and yogurt for breakfast.
Todays Goals:
1) Water
2) Watch salt intake, sugar intake (the sugar has been a craving lately)
3) Go for a long walk tonight
Some days you're a bug, some days you're a windshield.
Price Cobb


  1. Ooooo...I can't wait to see what you choose!!

  2. The blonde looks really cool, so does the dark on the right, not sure about the one in the center - it looks a lot more drastic! Have fun deciding :o)

  3. I'm leaning for more the blonde...but shorter in the back.