Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Flash back

It was an early morning to work for the monthly staff conference call. I didn't get my usual nonfat latte but made a pot of coffee at work. (It's a lot cheaper in the long run but it's a special treat to have the bought coffee). When I make coffee I drink it black, no milk or sugar, where as when I by it it usually has skim milk and/or sugar-free syrup.

B: Silhouette Yogurt, grapes, and I can't remember the cereal's name but it has flakes and maple flavoring....
L: Looking at having a tuna wrap with broccoli slaw & cheese, sliced apple with peanut butter to dip.
S: Depends if Darren took the left over M&C (by the way next time I make it, I will use a stronger cheese), otherwise I will have to have a look at what to take out of the freezer at lunch. For sure it will involve a pear salad.

I have started going through all the boxes that we put in one of the spare rooms downstairs. It's a flash from the past to go through all my old school papers and reading stories that I had wrote in Grades 1-4.

WOW! I had issues........

Darren read a poetry book of mine, full of different types of poems. There was a Haiku about a Darren. Something about being a lover boy, kissing girls...

I am cleaning the room out so I can paint. We have decided that it would make a great computer/craft room. So, do start that I cleaning, organizing and throwing out things. Hopefully this weekend I can paint! I'm going to paint it the same blue as upstairs but have white around the bottom of the wall (the wall is already separated into two different colors)

Once the painting is done, we will start looking for the perfect desk, saw some at Ikea I liked.... other wise maybe build a custom one... I am also going to put up peg board on one wall to hang all my stamp supplies!

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