Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Water..... need water

So I haven't been really good in getting enough water in my system. I have to make more of an effort to do that. The house is also really dry.

The weekend was a bust. I did try to eat as well as I could but it's hard when you aren't making your own meals.

Had homemade squash soup for the first time. It tasted wonderful.
Sushi, can't ever say no to sushi.
Late night Gourmet hotdog (with horseradish and hot sauce)
Birthday cake (I did have a smallish piece)

But now that we are home again, I can focus on making healthier meals.

Yesterday I made homemade chicken nuggets, rice and apple.

Today, I think I will make a beef stir fry with mushrooms, canned baby corns and bean sprouts over whole wheat rice noodles.

Wednesday, not sure yet but maybe left over stir fry or make something simple with chicken.

Thursday, maybe soup and sandwich...

Friday or Saturday, Dad's coming to help do some renovations so I'm going to make a lasanga (his favorite)

I am trying a lemon ginger yerbal mate tea. Tastes divine.

I think I'll have to switch up my lunches, I love eating tuna wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with broccoli slaw and cheese with a side of apple. But to get variety I will need to find something else to eat some days too. I'm welcome to ideas! I'm lucky and get to go home for an hour lunch!


  1. I made broccoli salad a few times over the weekend. And everyone loved it!!

    Also. Lemon zinger tea is super delicious. Mmm tea.

  2. But Tubby Dog is SO worth it! :)