Thursday, November 12, 2009

Last couple of days, ups and downs

I am a little angry at the college, no called to inform us the class was cancelled on Tuesday night. I drove an hour there and an hour back for essentially nothing. I did make the most of my time in Medicine Hat though, Jo and I went over to Grandpa & ma's to visit. But I am still frustrated that no one informs the students. Apparently the instructor was going to call but the college would give our numbers to her because of the privacy act and told her that they would call us. I'm trying to figure out how to express my anger to them in written form. The words will come.

I'm am making homemade Butter Chicken tonight!!! I have such a wonderful recipe I had found that cuts the calories down more than half of the restaurants. (Darren says he prefers mine to the restaurants as well...) I can't wait for supper!

Naan bread (not as good as the restaurants), steamed broccoli, coconut flavored rice (I add a couple of tsp of coconut extract to the rice cooker) and butter chicken!

This weekend I have to make more cupcakes. I am going to try a new recipe. Last week I made chocolate cupcakes (using cocoa). I might try a red velvet...we see how much time I have. I am feeding this weeks cupcake to the office, they seem pretty excited for a treat.

We are recieving a free dryer this weekend. My co-worker has a new set and has an extra dryer. She had heard I didn't have one, she offered to give it to us. It's exciting to think of having fluffy warm towels! It's been soo long!

I was playing with my (18 month) niece the other day and I wish I had my camera handy. I had taken off my glasses and was looking across the room. So, of course I was squinting a little bit. She comes running over to me with her face all scrunched up, I couldn't help giggling, she was making fun of my squinting face. Then she turned around and ran to my dad and grandpa to show them the same look. They killed themself laughing. It's funny how such a small person can make you feel 100% better about everything.

Grandpa is looking pretty good. He is hooked up to oxygen 24/7. He has just started chemotherapy. The doctors are very optomistic about his recovery, they say even though it is a fast moving cancer, there has been odds of it being cured. We will know more in a couple of months after he has had more chemo treatments. Grandma was looking a little tired but I think we made her week by stopping in and visiting.

I don't what to do with Darren. He has been pretty mopey lately. He isn't happy at work, not feeling respected. He doesn't do well with conflict and the girls in the office give out tons of conflict. I'm hoping things get better, it' draining for me to try to cheer him up everyday, (he says he does appreciate my efforts and bought me a beatiful bouquet of roses yesterday) Since he is soo down, I can't be down myself otherwise we are not going to have a happy house. I try to fix things but I have to remember I can't fix everything.

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