Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Learned a few technics

I got through the first 2.5 hour class of cake decorating. We learned how to properly ice a cake, make icing, pipe stars, letters, and leaves. I think I did really well. Maybe I have a natural talent.... I am bringing the cake to work tomorrow for Uncle Greg's birthday, to bad it looks like a girly cake... I will post a picture of it tonight.

The icing we are using is soooo terrible for you. Well, I suppose all icing is terrible for you....

It has a whole stick of crisco, a bag of icing sugar, vanilla and a little bit of water... all I can smell is sugar and fat. It was nice to work with though. I think I might have to experiement with different icing recipes to see if I can find one that is a little healthier for us.

Next week I have to come to class with 24 flat topped cup cakes iced and ready to decorate... nothing like homework ;)

Anyone want some free cupcakes to enjoy?

So since I am not a big fan of cakes, this will be not to hard for me to ignore the extra calories laying around.

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