Friday, November 6, 2009

Zombie movies + me = restless sleep

So we went to the movies last night. At 7 we saw "9", not bad. It was very nice to look at but the story line could have used some help. At 9 we saw Zombieland, it was pretty good, and funny. BUT there is something about zombies movies that I can't handle. On top of there being tons of zombies, there was a CLOWN zombie, not cool. So, I had a very restless sleep last night dreaming about zombies, kind of cranky today....

I can't believe the weather here, the wind is blowing so hard that I think the light pole outside of the car dealership is goiing to fall down. Good thing I decided to drive today.

This weekend, Darren is on call again, so we are going to try to hit Costco and a fitness store (recommended to us) to see if we can find a treadmill. We are goiing ot work on thank you cards, and I have to make 24 cupcakes, flattened and iced. I learned you can flatten cupcakes by putting a board over the cupcakes right after they come out of the oven. (oh, by the way my cake tasted pretty good for using whole wheat flour instead of white)

Here are some pictures as promised, not bad for my first attempt.

So also as promised some Halloween custome pics(thanks to my brother):

the bumble bee is my niece

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