Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday again...

Such a yummy sandwich. Put some lunch ham and bread in the oven to toast. (We don't own a toaster and our toaster oven caught on fire over a year ago) Add mayo, BBQ sauce, cheese. It is such a splendid taste! Brings me back to working at Dinosaur provincial park campground.

We went to the staff party on Saturday night and had a pretty good time. There was a white elephant gift exchange and I was the last to pick a present and I received a singing Homer Simpson. I was supper excited for that gift! Darren was lucky enough to get a tame gift of a pretty candle. (thank goodness we never got the man blowing bubbles out his rear-end)

We need to get our winter tires on the car. They are sitting nicely in the back seat but there hasn't been a day we can get them in. Hopefully this week.

Christmas is coming up very quickly. I still have a bunch of shopping to do! I might have to shop locally for the rest. Crossing my fingers there will be what I am looking for.

I finally know what has been making me tired. The simplest things are usually the solution. Probably not drinking as much coffee has been a huge contributor as well. ;)

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