Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Anxiety- Doctor offices

I couldn't believe that peeing in a cup could be sooo difficult! Talk about pressure. I did drink some water before I went but nothing. After sitting the what seemed like forever, I asked the nurse if she had any cups or if there was a water fountain near by. She gave me a knowing smile and handed me a plastic glass. I think I guzzled 8 glasses. And another 15 minutes late Voila! The rest of the afternoon I had no trouble going.

Then came the blood work. BRRRR..... I dread needles. It seems like every time they need to take blood, it never runs smoothly. I have very hard veins to find. First she tried to find one in my right arm, then tried the left, then went back to the right. Finally found one but had to switch to a smaller needle as it was a small vein, she stuck the needle in and the vein collapsed. Dang! That meant she had to go to the other arm, she found a vein in the other arm and the blood started to flow. Thank goodness! Now I have two needle holes, one in each arm. At least there is no bruising this time...

Excited my cousin had there first child on Jan 1, 2010. It was a baby girl 9lbs 5 oz and a full head of hair. I just viewed a bunch of cute pictures on facebook. Grandma and Pa Skanderup's great grand kid count is expanding more than double this year. What wonderful blessings!

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  1. hey Jenny... If its any consolation I went to donate blood today (which is a huge needle) and they missed the vein that they usually use. And apparently the others are really deep down... It was a fun experience to have them find it