Monday, January 4, 2010

It's a New Year!

It's been a great couple of weeks. Short work weeks and long weekends! I feel rested.

On New Years Eve we headed to Calgary after work to hang out with Ryan, Nat and Eric. It was a great time and nice to get together. We played a great game of "Things in a Box". It's a great game to play when you just want to laugh and have a good time. We appreciated being able to crash there that night. We felt bad in the morning, we had to meet Auntie Lorna and Grandpa for lunch, and we didn't get to see anyone before we left.

Lunch was really good. It was nice to visit and it's been awhile since we have seen them. There was a good game of crokinole, music, and stories.

We spent Saturday and Sunday relaxing. We rented a few movies, and went grocery shopping Saturday morning. In the afternoon, I played some "Dawn of Discovery" on the Wii. While we ate supper we watched "Hangover", pretty funny and after we watched "Ingenious Basterds", pretty graphic but I enjoyed it. Sunday was basically the same, except we went to church in the morning.

Oh, funny story! Darren and I decided to walk to church (it's a 5 minute walk), it was a little slippery on some parts of the sidewalks but we made it there in one piece. On our way back Darren went DOWN and since we were holding hands I went down on top of him. His knee went right into my chest. Man, talk about being winded! We laughed pretty good about it all the way home. The cars driving by must have had a really good show ;)

I made the best baked Macaroni & Cheese last night!! YUMMY!

Darren is getting excited for the track to open this month. He is going to get a pass and go run after work as much as he can. I'm very happy that he has that to look forward too. We put off buying a treadmill for now until we can see how the basement can be reorganized and be able to see if we can fit one and if Darren would be able to run on it. (it's tough that he is so tall)

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