Monday, January 11, 2010

The weekend!

Well it's Monday again. It was a pretty busy weekend but I feel great this morning.

On Saturday, Darren and I had a bunch of house cleaning to do. It's been awhile since we have organized our house. There was a little squabble on lack of help I was getting but it resolved itself and we ended up putting all the Christmas decorations away and made the house look livable again. It feels soo GOOD! In the evening my brother and wife came over to watch the Calgary/ Vancouver games. Was a good game but unfortunately Calgary won. After they left I bent down to pick up a stray sock in the bedroom and pulled a muscle in my back just above the hip. It was pain!! I had trouble bending forward and it was torture all day yesterday! I put a hot water bottle on it yesterday. It helped quite a bit. (today it is a little sore but I am able to move more freely today)

Sunday we had a pretty big crew over to our house for dinner. I made my special lasagna, that gets great reviews from everyone. I wish I could figure out the exact amount of spices I put in it ;), garlic bread(made from sour dough), and a spinach salad. It was so filling and everyone had to sit back and relax for a moment before getting up. I found out we could get 10 people around our table but they have to like each each (it was a little tight). There was some pretty exciting news broad casted! Grandma and my parents went over to the hospital to visit Cookie Grandma. She was feeling a lot better yesterday, which is wonderful! Darren and I stayed home (we went on Wednesday to visit) and finished up the dishes.

I was going to have a nap but Payton decided she was tired of playing outside in the snow so they came back inside. She decided it would be fun to tickle uncle Darren's toes. (Note: Darren hates his toes being tickled, poor guy). We sat and read Hop on Pop, that was the first time I remember her cuddling up to me and letting my read the book without her fingers wanting to change the pages. After we read the book, she was getting off the couch and stuck her tongue out and licked Darren's toes as she went by.... ick!! (the good thing is she did pick the cleanest toes in the house...)

This week we are going to focus on getting the spare room straightened up. We will see how that goes.

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  1. Hilarious about Payton licking Darren's toes!!!