Thursday, January 21, 2010

ICK ICK! I've had my first experience with an UTI. Thank goodness for cranberry juice. I think I'm going live on cranberry juice for the rest of the year. I feel better today, which I am glad for and hopefully tomorrow I will feel even better. (It's going to be a long, emotional day). I have a doctors appointment on Monday and I am thinking of waiting until then to get this checked... it is very hard to get in a see a doctor, last time I called It took just shy of 4 weeks. Hopefully with a little bit of Tylenol to help with the slight pain and drinking lots of fluids will help until I can get something from the doctor.

I had a pretty good supper last night. Basically I ate what my stomach would take in. Darren made me some chicken noodle soup (minus the noodles) and ate a quarter bag of soda crackers. It was nice to get something in me that had some sort of substance.

I slept better last night. I went to bed at 11ish (after the Vancouver and Edmonton game), was up at 1:45am and didn't wake up till 6:30am.... I had a full 4 hours of sleep at one time!!! I probably could have slept longer if Darren's alarm didn't go off. But I am very happy about that!

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