Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So exciting

First, I am feeling SOOO much better. Funny how horrible tasting pills can work so quickly.

On Monday I had a doctors appointment and heard the heart beat for the first time, 120bmp. I wish Darren was able to come and hear but work happens. I found out my blood type is O+. Good to know. My doctor thought I might be further along than we thought, so he scheduled me in for an ultrasound for dating yesterday in Calgary.

So Darren was able to get the day off to come with me. It was torture to have to wait with a full bladder and mine was FULL! But in the end it was worth it. We got to see the baby. I've seen ultrasound picture before and you can't make out the babies head from rump but we got really clear pictures that the Ultrasound guy didn't need to point things out to us. (I think it's becasue of my full bladder) Seeing this has made things much more real. We both had tears in our eyes looking at the screen. Technology like this is really awesome! (He said it looks like I'm 14 weeks and 2 days yesterday, about what I was think give or take a coule of days)

We went for lunch at Diner Deluxe. I had a wonderful trout sandwich with gouda on a multigrain sour dough bread and a lavender lemonade. So yummy! I think Darren had burger and milk shake.

We drove down to Kensington to go to the comic book store, then headed to Toys 'R' Us. Talk about overwhelming! We are so thankful for being able to borrow some stuff from family and friends. It was hard to focus on what we actually need. I think we found a crib we both liked and a theme. The hard thing was anything that we pick has to go with the blue room. I'm not painting it again. We were finding that there was a lot of stuff that was not esstential and over extravagant. We did walk through the toy part and discussed what type of toys we would and wouldn't want our children to have. Loud battery operated toys are not my favorite. Old school thinking toys are the best, creative toys. We are going to try to register at Toys'R'Us.

After we headed to Chinook to look at a few things and stretch our legs. Stokes was having a huge sale so we found a few things that we would eventually need in the kitchen. I was hungrish... so before leaving we headed to the food court. I had the best strawberry ice cream with fresh strawberries from Marble Slab. BEST SUPPER EVER!

We headed home, I feel asleep for a little bit as Darren was singing in the car. I love it when I can close my eyes when he is singing his heart out. So soothing......

It feels so good to be able to sleep through the night or most of it without getting up. I am going to treasure it as long as I can!

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  1. First - Congratulations!!!
    Second - Glad to hear you're feeling better at the moment :)

    Best of luck with everything. What an exciting time!