Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Just feeling rotten today. I didn't get a great sleep last night, my right side of my back ached and I was up every 2 hours. On top of it Darren was tossing and turning all night, almost pushing me off the bed. I think the lack of sleep and not being hungry is how my body is dealing with grief but COME ON! I need sleep to function and I need to eat to stay nourished.

I had a 1/4 of box of soda crackers, flat ginger ale and a Tylenol hoping my stomach would calm down. It helped for a bit but it's starting to bother me again. ARRGGHHH! I did have a toasted tuna fish sandwich with cheese for lunch and a side of orange.

I'm on my way to my brothers to help him with the slide show for the funeral. (Well, more critic what he has done ;) it's good to be the big sister).

Excited for the big box of clothes that are coming to work tomorrow for me!!! Hopefully I can find something in the box that will fit! Maybe I'll have Andrea go through it too (if there is any left overs, hehehe)

I can't wait for May and June, a couple of weeks of well needed vacation! Cousin Daniel's wedding then Takenaka family get together! I love having something to look forward to!!!!

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