Friday, February 26, 2010

Finally Friday

Not that's it's been a terribly long week, but I am need of some sleep. Since my dreaming has been getting more and more vivid, I'm not sleeping as well. Last night had something to do with sushi and the night before I was punching someone in the face...

I had my doctors appointment this morning at 9:30am, the poor nurse and doctor, they were both having a busy but off day. Good thing it's Friday for them too. My blood pressure is pretty much perfect 118/80. The doctor is boggled though, he thinks the baby feels bigger than it's supposed age. He sent me for an ultrasound about a month ago to verify the age but everything points to around the same due date.... does this mean I am going to have a HUGE baby popping out of me. Not something exciting to look forward too ;). I heard the heart beat again but my heartbeat was in the mix so he couldn't get a good count, but he did estimate it to be around 140 beats per minute.

Pet peeve of mine: sitting in a waiting room of any kind and having someone come into the room and reeking of smoke. It wafts throughout the room. Right now I am on low tolerance of that, my stomach starts getting queasy and I almost feel like I will be sick.

I am in need to buy some new casual pants. Next weekend I will have some time. I'll have to hold out till then ;)

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