Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ultrasound day!!

We had our second ultrasound this morning. It was pretty cool to see the little one floating and moving about. Everything looks healthly. The tech weighed it at 11oz, which is 2 oz more than the average. One thing I noticed was the long fingers and feet.

We have decided not find out the sex. We thought it would be a fun surprise not knowing and besides we're not decorating to one specific gender.

Not much cravings, usually if I see something or someone is talking about something I feel I should have it too. I have been enjoying eating berries and grapes. They satisfy my thirst. Oh, and I have been eating alot of dairy. (Have to make sure my bones stay strong since the little one is stealing all that calcium).

There hasn't been much else really goiing on this week. Our only other excitement was we went grocery shopping on Tuesday! HORRAY! ;) We are heading to teh Hat on Saturday, I need to buy some maternity jeans and can't put it off any longer (unless I want to continue wearing my yoga pants everywhere, they are good to wear if we are going out to a nice meal or to the city).

My birthday is coming up!! Yeah! Mom always makes a cake, so I am going ot request an angel food with sticky icing and fresh berries. MMMMMMMmmmmmmm, can't wait.

A little disappointed that the Dinosaur Run & Walk is on the same weekend as we are going to Vancouver. But that's how things work I guess :). It'll be a nice mini holiday and you can never go wrong at the coast.


  1. So sad about the walk...maybe another year? Or else we could always create our own another weekend in May?

    P.S. Our Easter concerts are Mar 27/28...just in case. :)

    P.P.S. SO glad that all is healthy and that you're feeling good!

  2. When are you going to Vancouver?! I want to go beginning of April.

    I also want to move there forever!!! I have been applying for jobs like crazy there!