Thursday, March 25, 2010

Eventful evening

One thing I found out last night is it is no fun to get a head/chest  cold when you are pregnant.  I can't take my normal Buckley's or other decongestants.   Waking up through out the night with hot and cold flashes is for the birds. I'm going to stop by Shoppers after work and pick up some Vick's Vapor Rub, go to bed really early and hopefully that will help clear me up. 

The nice thing is I don't work tomorrow. We are heading to Calgary to help some friends move. I probably won't be much use but I'll be good moral support (maybe I'll get some studying done). 

I am so proud of Darren, last night he went to Inspire Fitness and tried the Muscle Inferno class. (It's 45 minutes of intense muscle toning/building). A friend of mine, goes to a couple of the classes and gets her butt kicked everytime.  Darren said it was tough work and he didn't push himself to much, but enough that he is a little stiff today.  I told him it will get easier as he uses those muscles. (they did a plank on step blocks , walking there hands up and down, he thought that was the worst)

I while he was doing that,  I headed out with Stacey and Jody to enjoy a nice girls night dinner. It's been awhile since we have been able to get together. It was a great time. I got home around 8pm to find Darren in the car... the poor guy had forgotten his house keys in the house.  (extra funny part of the story was Uncle Greg had come by 20 minutes before I got home, because he was locked out of his house and needed to borrow the spare key we have).  Poor Darren was getting so hungry, he had a little bit to eat before he went to the class but not enough to tide him over all night.   (I think things would have been okay if I had remembered to bring my phone with me, oops)

It offical we are booked into the lake front house for the last week of May! I can't wait to enjoy a good book on the patio over looking  beautiful Lake Okanagan. It should be great weather at that time!


  1. JENNY!!!! We can use all the moral support we can get. We also figured that you could help start the unpacking process while the manly men do the heavy work... Kitchen etc.

    Can't wait to see ya!!

  2. Anonymous11:07 AM

    Manly men? I have so many things I can say here. ;-)