Monday, March 22, 2010

The weekend was wonderful.

Saturday we took recycling down to the depot and did a little gallivanting around town, enjoying the beautiful weather. In the late afternoon we got together with some friends to throw the frisbee around. (initially it was suppose to be a game of ultimate frisbee but not enough came). We all went on a GPS treasure hunt, found nothing but did have ice cream at DQ.

Sunday we headed to the Hat for birthday dinner & Angel food cake with sticky icing!! Yum Yum! The only terrible thing was my car is falling apart. We were driving down the highway, la dee da, and all of a sudden a plastic piece from my door flies off the car and gets run over by the truck behind us. The good thing is Dad is able to order a new piece and will be able to fix it but for now my driver's side door look like it comes from the junk yard. It is 5 years old next month, and the payments will be finished then too.

We have been considering a new vehicle eventually. I think we will wait a year or two, that way we can have some time without a car payment and finish paying off our other loan.

Payton finally said auntie yesterday!!! I was so excited! She is growing up so quickly. I can't believe she will be 2 in June.

We were talking to Darren's mom last week and she was mentioning that our two year old nephew, said the word "Ridiculous. " in a proper sentence. I had to laugh, but wasn't too surprised, I have heard that side of the family say "ridiculous" a lot.

I am spending the next week studying for my exam on Monday, I need to focus. Friday we will be going to Calgary to help friends move, so if I get some cue cards written, then Darren can quiz me in the car.

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