Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

I had such a busy but wonderful weekend. I wish I had one more day to recoupe but alas I am back at work. I was terrible last week for posting. Honestly, I didn't feel like it and was sort of out of sorts. It all started last Sunday. I had such a bad head cold. I had to drive to Calgary in the afternoon, get a hotel (stayed at the Travel Lodge) and hunker down for sme last minute studying. I did enjoy a nice meal of Swiss Chalet, they have take out! I did my best trying to absorb the dry insurance information I needed to know. After a few hours I decided enough was enough. I called Darren to wish him a good night and curled up in bed. Next time I am going to request a room on the second floor and not beside the stairwell. I had a terrible time sleeping, up every 2 hours at least with creepmares, blowing nose, drinking water, and plain anxiety.

In the morning, I got up, fought with the shower for hot water and had a pretty good breakfast. (no warm drink, though). I headed over to the exam. I felt pretty good writing it, except for the stuffed nose and head ache that was forming.  I used the full time and felt confident.

I headed over to Chinook to walk around. I needed to get rid of some excess anxiety. I found a nice bathing suit and a couple of pairs of pants. I was browsing at William Somona and found a cookbook all about Ebelskivers! (traditional Danish pancakes in a distinctive shape of a sphere, they are cooked in a special pan). They are sooo yummy. I have a  cast iron pan. I've never made anything but the plain ones. Would usually put jam, syrup, cheese whiz or butter in them. After reading this cookbook I am excited to try some of the recipes. The basil & goat cheese, and apple pie ones look especially good.

I made my way down to Chapters and found a few books that will be good to take with to Vancouver. I met up with Jen for lunch. It had been a little while, and it was nice to catch up. I decided to go home. I made a quick stop at Purdy's (I bought Darren a couple of his favorite chocolate bars) and headed home. Did you know there is a Crystal Light Slushie? It was very thirst  quenching.  When I got back to Brooks, I unloaded the car and then headed over to the office. I needed to check my mark, it was weighing on me and I couldn't wait till the next day.  Long story short I didn't pass...I went and picked up Darren from work, got home, curled up in my bed. Darren was a little worried (I hadn't told anyone yet), and asked me what was wrong. I couldn't hold anything in and weeped. I don't know what to do about my test anxieties, or comprehension in reading the questions (double negatives are evil). 

So, I have been a little down all week. Hence, the avoidance of blogging. 

Easter weekend, now there was a fun but busy weekend. Friday we were able to relax and get most of the house straightened up (it was getting pretty cluttery, and my mood gets worse the longer it stays).  Darren had caught my cold last week and used Friday as a recover day as well. We went to bed pretty early, both of us doused in Vick's Vapor rub and the humidifier blasting. 

We took our time getting ready on Saturday morning. We headed out the door about 12-12:30, stopped at McDonalds for some lunch to go and headed to Calgary. The first stop was the comic book store in Kensington, (Darren needed a couple of Green Lantern books to read). After we headed over to Jen's and hung out with her for the remaining afternoon. We ended up going for supper at Open Sesame (if you haven't gone before, it is really good and the desserts are huge but fabulous!) I had the stir fry(choose your own veggies and we shared a chocolate brownie with ice cream and a banana wonton dessert).Waddling out of the restraunt we headed over to the Saddle Dome to enjoy the John Mayer concert. Our seats were fantastic! The row right in front of the box seats, on the aisle and 3 sections down from the stage. 

Michael Franti & Spearhead (opening band) were FANTASTIC! There wasn't a song I didn't enjoy and the energy was awesome.(I think I will pick up a cd) John Mayer was good too, there were a few songs that I was like meh, but overall the concert was fabulous!  After the concert we travelled home, we got home about 2 am, which wasn't terrible considering the concert started at 8pm.  

The next morning, we missed the Sunrise Easter service, so we did feel a little terrible about that. (It is my favorite services of the year... next year). We had dinner to go to at noon in the Hat. So we picked up some flowers for Grandma and headed on our way. All I have to say is TOO much travelling in the last two weekends! We had a really wonderful time and the whole family on that side was there except for my cousin, Don. 

Before we left the Hat we stopped at Mom & Dad's. Dad fixed the piece on my car door that flew off a couple of weeks ago. My car doesn't look like a wreck any more :)!!!!!  We got home around 10ish, i had something to eat and we went to bed. Unfortuantely, sleep did not come easy. So, today I am feeling rather exhausted and out of sorts. I plan on going home after work, putting on some sweats and crawling into the bed after we have some sort of unknown supper. 

So, how was that for a story. Happy reading! :)

P.S. I appologize for my spelling, for some reason the spell check function on this program disappeared...


  1. You will pass that test next time, no worries!

  2. So busy, but sounds like it's all been pretty good! :) I had a great time catching up with you at lunch on Monday, and I loved being able to see both of you on Saturday. It definitely reminds me how much I do miss you guys.