Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Tomorrow is the start of our Vancouver holiday trip!! Horrah!

Mom and Dad are picking Darren and I up around 1pm . We are driving to Canmore, stopping to check out a local soap shop (Mom carries there product in her store) and then heading all the way to Winfield. We are going to spend the night at Darren's parents house.

We are going to drive the rest of the way to Delta on Thursday. We have a full day on Friday to either get together with Matt or Ross or even hang out on the beach front in White Rock. (I'm having some ice cream!) On Saturday, my cousin Dan is getting married to a very sweet girl. Sunday we are going to hang out a bit and do some visiting. We are going ot be home late Monday night and back to work on Tuesday.

It will be sooo nice to get away!

Yesterday I had a either a butt or head in my ribs all day. Darren thinks it is funny and he coaches the baby to kick more. What am I going to do with him.


  1. The Vancouver is a good place for spending holiday vacations with eye catching sights and beaches and peaceful and serene atmosphere for visitors. I wish you best of luck for the trip.

  2. Ha! You will be right across the river from me!