Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's been a bit

I realized that it's been awhile since I have last posted. It's been busy at work. I'll sum up some of the exciting bits ;)

Felt the baby kick last Thursday afternoon for the first time. What an exciting but weird sensation! Darren has been pretty excited and always wanting to feel the kicking.

I've been walking to work more often, which feels great but every now and then there is a muscle tension in my right calf. I think the added weight I am putting on my legs is causign this.

On Saturday we babysat my 2 year old niece (sleepover). It was a lot of fun, we went to the park, wore her out(she went to bed at 7:30 on her own will), found out what cartoons are on at 4:30 in the morning. I'm happy that she was such an easy girl to look after. I was worn out though and had a LONG afternoon nap.

Yesterday we continued on teh front lawn yard work. Darren bought an devise that airrates the lawn. So, we borrowed a wheelbarrow and got rid of the pile of dead grass and leaves he had raked earlier. I continued to airrate, that didn't last too long since my stomach started to get in the way. I switched over to getting the grass seed ready to go and started to seed the lawn. We(Darren) are going to fertilize, since it is suppose to rain tomorrow, tonight.  The only problem I think that I'm going to have is my hay fever, I was so stuffy last night. 

This weekend we are going to visit Darren's sister and cousin. (Maybe get a little shopping in too... )

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  1. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Make sure you are getting enough potassium. I used to wake up in the middle of the night with my calf muscle in full seize. Bananas were the cure. :)