Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Incredible Weather!

It started yesterday but apparently didn't stop through the night. I am calling it a slushizzard. It's not quite snow but not rain either. We do have snow on the ground and driving to work this morning was terrible. Luckily I have a pretty gutzy car. There are trees down all over town. There was a huge tree two doors down that fell on the street.  The bushes that I "loved" so much on the front of our house are flat. I am sooo sad. The temperature outside is nice, +1 celcius according to the weather network.

OOOOh, just had a pretty good power flicker. (Some of town was out of power earlier this morning).

Anyways, I've never seen such weather here before. Usually you here about this weather around the coasts. As long as it doesn't freeze things should be okay. The farmers are probably loving all the moisture but the cattle ranchers are in calving season so they may not be as thrilled.

I got a cool letter in the mail yesterday from my nephew in BC. He sent me a Happy Birthday post card with quads racing on the Dunes and drew me a cool picture of the Dunes. I hung them both up in my office and enjoying the warm, sunny weather of them.

I am going to enjoy a nice warm boil of chicken noodle soup. I've decided not to leave the office till home time. Thank goodness Darren was able to bring me some lunch.

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