Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Monday Monday

Had another busy weekend. I was in the Hat on Saturday (from 8:30am to 7:30pm) for our "Staff Appreciation Day".  It was a long day but there was a lot of good information (time management was the theme). 

While I was  there Darren had the weekend off! This has been his first official weekend off without the phone or on call for a long time. He used his day really well. I had left my list of things that we need to get done around the house for him (if he wanted to work on it). He raked the front lawn (looks fantastic), there is still snow in the back so he wasn't able to do back there. He washed his work truck and washed & vaccumed my car. My car looks NEW again! He did a load of dishes in the dishwasher and watched two movies plus the hockey game. I am so proud of him!

Yesterday after church,  we spontaneouly went to the Hat to see "Clash of the Titans" matinee. It was okay. I enjoyed the length of it but it could have a little more substance... Beforewe went to the show we stopped by Home Depot to check out a new rake (none fan type to pick up the big things, like tree branches) and a devise that puts holes in the lawn to air it out. We are going to fertilize and put some seed in the lawn this year to fill it out. I'm hoping it will help with our ant problem....  if not at least we will have a rich looking lawn that we will be happy to sit on. In the next couple of years we would like to redo the lawn by leveling it and putting in new top soil. At that time we will as think about what sort of fence to put up, so I can let the little one run freely outside without to much of a worry.

After the movie we went over to Mom and Dad's for supper. We watched Amazing Race then headed home. It was a great day. I didn't the laundry done liked I wanted to but you have to have fun sometimes.

I'm pretty excited Darren was talking to his sister on Saturday and she asked if we wanted to borrow the crib, bath, and potty. Geoff was running to Sask to get equipment ready to sell at the auction. (they have decided to stay in Winfield instead of going back to the farm) He will be brings the stuff back with him and dropping it off in Calgary on his way through. We will have to make a trip up there but we are there so much, it doesn't really matter.  

I am starting to show pretty good. For a while there most of my clothes could hide the stomach but not anymore. I'm still not at the point where people are going to comment on the street but every week, I feel bigger. I am starting to feel that I should be figuring out the spare room and making it into the nursery. I guess the major things we need to do is take out the futon, bookshelf, filing cabinet, fix the closet rack and do something with our handme down clothes for good will.   But to do alot of that we need to get the basement cleaned up so we can set up an area for the futon.  Maybe this week we will try to get a little done. ...

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