Monday, October 25, 2010

We got the Wii board working again after about a year of no use.  I'm going to start using Wii fit again to get back into the swing of things slowly.

This weekend was Khloe's baptism. The service was nice. We headed over to Jo's after church. We visited and the kids got passed around the aunt's and uncle's.

This week there isn't too much on the go until the weekend. Lauren's confirmation is on Saturday night and Sunday morning. She is also playing in a volleyball tournament. We'll probably take a walk down to the junior high to watch.

Darren and I have been thinking about what the best course for going back to work would be for me. We've come up with part time for the first bit (all mornings or 3 times a week depending what works best) This way I can be around for Maria as she has all that growing up between ages 1 and 2. We still have a bit of time to figure all that out when time gets closer. 

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