Friday, January 28, 2011

It's been a long time since I blogged. We had a wonderful Christmas. Since Darren has a new position his weekends are free from work. It's been wonderful having him around. Anyways we were able to go to B.C. To see his family. The weather was great and Maria did a good job in the car. (it was her first long trip over 2 hours)

Then the snow hit! What a snow it was.  It made everything so beautiful and white. Now everything is white with brown specs. We are suppose to be in for another good storm this weekend.

Last night we hand a old friend (Dean)  from Chapters over for dinner. He was doing a seminar about cultural diversity at one on the schools this week. It was a wonderful visit and to catch up on what each of us has done. I made my favorite butter chicken recipe with green beans, brown rice and whole wheat naan (found as superstore). The meal was yummy!

This weekend (weather permitting) Ryan, Nat and Eric are coming for the day. Ryan is bringing his homemade chili. Yum Yum!

Maria has been taking up even more time than before. Who knew a person that small can be such a handful. She is on the cusp of crawling but prefers to stand (with help). We have  started her on solids (yams and blueberries are the favorites so far) She has learned to SCREAM in delight and has almost finished with the second tooth.

I am still heading to the pool whenever I can. I think I might have to add additional exercise in my routine. Maybe when Maria naps and before I study. (That should wake me up). I have to write my level 2 exam before April. So I am trying to make time to look at my book. I've opened them now so that's the first step now to spend an hour a day then I should be ready by the end of Feb.

I am really trying to watch what I am eating. It's hard some days. I feel hungry but nothing is satisfying. Then I feel horrible because I ate too much. FRUSTRATING!

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