Sunday, February 13, 2011

I've been starting to feel the swimming workouts.  Thursday class is more cardio in the deep end, and that is great! Wednesday are okay if less than 20 people show up (which hasn't been the case the last two weeks) It's a little hard to do the exercises properly when you don't have any room.

On Friday morning I looked out Maria's window and right there was a deer eating the buds off the branches of our trees. 

Yesterday Darren fixed the oven!! I'm torn with excitement and disappointment. On one hand it's nice that we don't have to buy a new one yet and Darren fixed it by himself (he's not the handiest man) and on the other hand I was sort of hoping we would get to buy a new one.  To celebrate I made cookies (chocolate, white chocolate chip and dried cranberries) YUM YUM

Maria and I went to the pool with Byron, Andrea and Rylan. This is the second time we have brought Maria and she did well but was very serious the whole time. Not a time to have fun, apparently.

I tried a new recipe for pork chops. It had a rhubarb chutney and a dry rub of cloves, cumin and cinnamon. SO GOOD!!! I served it with broccoli florets, and roasted potatoes.  I also tried a recipe called shitake crisps. Basically you slowly bake the mushrooms until they are dry. They have a flavor and texture of bacon. (a bacon substitute....hmmm what to put them in)

For brunch I made pancakes, turkey bacon, and fresh strawberries/blueberries. That was a really nice meal. I love turkey bacon. 

Tomorrow Darren is going to make a Greek inspired meal with chicken and Greek salad. I can't wait.

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