Monday, March 7, 2011

It's been hard to get down here to blog....I know excuses, excuses...but if you had a basement that made your fingers numb you wouldn't want to come down either.

I've been fighting off this cold that has made it's rounds in the family. I have booked my exam for the 14th and am trying to focus on studying. I was able to get a bunch done on the weekend but it'll be tougher this week. Maria likes attention. I'll use her naps and the evenings. That should work..... I have a little anxiety about writing exams especially multiple choice. Any suggestions?

I finally get to go for Sushi!! After the exam on Monday Darren is taking me to Globefish!  I haven't had great sushi since before I was pregnant, I am so excited!

On top of going to the pool twice a week, I'm going to take a yoga class Monday mornings. I'm hoping that will help with my stiff muscles. The pool classes have been great, the instructor we have now has us swim laps. I am finding that I am getting a good cardio workout!

On Wednesday evening a piece of floor got jammed into the bottom of my foot. It wasn't this little splinter but this 3 inch spear. Darren was able to take it out and I cleaned and wrapped it. It's been healing nicely but there is still a little tender spot.

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  1. I am SUPER excited that I get to join the two of you at Globefish! :)