Monday, April 18, 2011

Ahh a moment of peace and quiet. It's been a cranky couple of weeks. Maria has four teeth making an appearance and the last two are not being nice.

It's funny how weeks get filled up and you can't understand how. Every weekend in May is now filled except one. We are going to two youth gatherings. May 6&7 will be grades 4-6 and May long will be grade 9+. It should be pretty fun. Darren has been helping out with the grade 4-6 Wanna Be's group every other Friday organizing games to play. Maria and I went to the last one on Friday and it was crazy. Those kids have so much energy. Maria made a friend with one of the grade 6 girls and hung out with her most of the night playing with a balloon.

I'm going to write my level one exam on May 16th.  Then *crossing fingers* I can write level two in June.

We are taking Maria to Grandma & pa's for a few days. Well, Wednesday-Sunday (we will be there Saturday). I'm going to use the time to study and get some work done around the house and yard. Friday is going to be an outside day of raking and trimming lilac bushes.

We have put ourselves on a strict budget. We are on week three and so far it has been going pretty good. There has been a few expenses that we weren't expecting but we have managed. It's been nice organizing meals a week in advance, then we can be excited for our next meal.

I've just finished going through most of my magazines I have collected over the years and cut out recipes or home ideas. I'm putting the recipes in a binder and the home ideas are going into a scrap book. 

Baseball starts the first weekend in May. We are for sure playing on Sunday afternoon/evenings and some week night games. I'm pretty excited but nervous as well. I haven't played ball in 10 years. Good thing is my gloves has only been used for one season, so it's almost like new.

Vancouver is doing AWESOME!!! We weren't expecting a win last night but we welcome it. Only one more win and we move on!! It feels good to be up 3-0 in the series against Chicago, especially because of the history.

I hear someone banging up stairs I better go check to see what's going on.

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